Permits & Forms

Auto Permit: If you have a vehicle for sale that doesn’t have a current registration you need to come to the Police Department and receive an Auto Permit from the Chief.  The cost is $20.00 and is good for 30 days.

Vehicle For Sale Permit Information

Building Permit: Need to contact the Village Clerk or Zoning Administrator for a building application.  When filled out bring back to the Village Clerk or Zoning Administrator.  The Zoning Administrator will then issue the permit or ask for more information.  When building permit has been issued, it needs to be displayed in a spot where the public can see it.  This permit is good for 1 year.

Sidewalk Application

Meter Fee:  This is a one time non-refundable fee ($25.00) payable to the village when property is purchased.  This fee is used for all expenses related to the water meters installed in all buildings in Warren.

Recycle Bins:  Residents may pick up a recycle bin(s) at the village hall.  The 1st recycle bin is free.  There will be a $10.00 fee payable to the village for each bin received after the 1st bin.

Residence/Business Check:  This is a service that the Warren Police Department does for all residents/businesses when you will be away.  This check list is under the following tabs: Government – Public Safety – WPD Services – Residence Check.  Print this Residence Check form, fill out and bring to the PD.  You may also stop at the PD and fill out a Residence Check form.

Residence Check Form

Street Breakage Fee:  This is a non-refundable fee ($600.00) payable to the village before the public works employees have to dig up the street to fix a water or sewer problem at your residence.  This fee reimburses the village for the time & labor of employees, gravel, etc. during the incident that has occurred.

UTV/Golf Cart Fee:  There is a $35.00 UTV/Golf Cart fee payable to the Warren Police Department when the UTV/Golf Cart is registered. You need the sticker so you can legally ride on the village streets (Other than IL Rte 78).  There is a Rules and Regulations handout at the PD. UTV and Golf Cart Registration Application  You will need to bring your UTV or Golf Cart to the PD.  The officer will examine the vehicle.  If all of the required equipment is on the vehicle the officer will issue the owner a sticker.

Water/Sewer/Garbage Bills: Water/Sewer/Garbage bills are due monthly on the 20th. If you DO NOT receive your bill during the 1st week of each month please contact Village Hall at (815)745-3315 and the clerk will tell you the total of the bill. If water/sewer/garbage bills are not paid by the 20th of each month there will be a late bill hand delivered by a public works employee and this bill will have a 10% late fee added to the original amount due.

Payments can be made in person at village hall, by using the drop box to the left of the village hall doors, by mail, by using GovPay (see this option on the Home Page) or at any Community Bank Office.

You may make payments on your water bill by stopping at village hall to discuss the terms with the clerk and sign the appropriate paperwork stating the payment dates and the amount to be paid.