New Resident Information

Village Hall Office Hours

The Village Hall is open Monday through Friday, 7 a.m.-Noon, 12:30p.m.-3:30p.m. and contacted at 815-745-3315. The Village recognizes standard holidays and any closings will be posted at the Village Hall.  A drop box is available for after hours, holidays, and weekends.

Board Meetings

Village Board meetings are held on the second and fourth Mondays of every month at 7:00p.m. unless on a holiday, then meetings will be on Tuesday, at the Village Hall.

Water/Sewer/Garbage Service

The Village of Warren provides Water, Sewer, and Garbage service for residents. When moving to the Village of Warren, contact the Village Hall at 815-745-3315 to start service. A meter fee deposit of $25.00 is required that is nonrefundable.

Water/Sewer/Garbage bill are payable in full by the 20th of each month. Penalty charges are added to those fees not paid in full by this date. You can pay in person, mail your payment, or drop it in the drop box at the Village Hall. Residents can also pay water/sewer/garbage bills at the Community Bank or online at

Any questions regarding the billing may be addressed to the Village Clerk at 815-745-3315.

Garbage Pick-up

Garbage pick-up is on Thursday and has an unlimited pick-up policy. NOTE: Pick-up is delayed one day on all major holidays that fall on a weekday.

Please contact the Village Hall at 815-745-3315 if you have any questions.


The Village of Warren has a mandatory recycling program in conjunction with garbage pick-up Thursday mornings. Each resident is provided with a recycle bin for this service. Bins are property of the residence and not the resident and must remain at the property.

For recycling guidelines, click here.

To safely dispose of any old medications, please take them to the receptacle that is located at the police station.

Natural Gas and Electricity Service

Nicor Gas Company provided natural gas service in Warren. You can find more information by clicking the link below:

888-NICOR4U (642-6748)

Electricity in Warren is provided through Commonwealth Edison (ComEd). You can find more information by clicking the link below:

Com Ed

Information about Municipal Electric Aggregation

The residents and businesses in the Village of Warren can get a community electrical rate of $0.06009 k/Wh for their power purchases. New residents can call in and get this special rate.  The Village of Warren has locked in the rate until September 2022. If anyone wants to join the Community Program, they can call the Village Hall or Dynegy at 844-351-7691.

Lawn Clippings

Lawn Clippings are not to be mowed into the street as it blocks the storm sewer catch basins. Notices will be mailed to those who violate this request.

Internet Services

Frontier Communications


JC Wifi

Aero Group, Inc.

Cellular Service

U.S. Cellular

Cable Services


Dish Network

Direct TV

Open Burning and Recreational Fires

Open burning of dry natural yard waste and recreational fires in outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, rings, or cages and/or other devices designed for recreational purposes on shall be permissible subject to the safety guidelines detailed by Village of Warren Ordinance.

Any questions should be directed to the Village Hall at 815-745-3315.

Golf Carts/UTVs

UTV and Golf Cart Registration Application

Public Parking Lots

There are public parking lots located at the Community Building, behind the Apple River State Bank, behind the businesses on the North side of Main Street, and along the railroad tracks on Railroad Street across the street from Saunder’s Oil shop.

Building/Demo Permits

The Village of Warren requires a building permit that is issued with approval by the Zoning Administrator. Any permanent structure that will be built, concrete patios or sidewalks that are new or different in size than existing, decks, etc will need a building permit. Permits are not needed for re-roofing or residing a building. Forms are available at the Village Hall and must be submitted and approved by the Zoning Administrator before construction may commence. Demolition permits are also available at the Village Hall for any structure demolition and must be submitted and approved by the Zoning Administrator before any demolition may commence.

Sidewalk Replacement Program

The Village of Warren supports a Sidewalk Replacement Program for property owners. The Village will reimburse the property owner the cost of concrete only as funds are available. The sidewalk replacement must be pre-approved by the Street Superintendent and spec followed to qualify for reimbursement. The forms are available here or at the Village Hall.

Sidewalk Application

Paint Reimbursement

The Paint Reimbursement Program is available to property owners located within the Village of Warren for the reimbursement of up $500 for the cost of paint on the exterior of the structure. There is a set limit of $2,000 in the one-year time frame (Village fiscal year May 1st-April 30th) on a first come, first serve basis. Paint must be purchased from a Warren business and before and after photos of the project must be submitted when the project is complete. The project will be subject for approval.

Paint Reimbursement Form


Jo Daviess County New Residents Welcome Kit